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Pipe SCREENING USING guided ultrasoniC lambwave

This method allows damage detection and location on pipe sections using Guided Ultrasonic Lambwave. The system uses ultrasonic waves  in longitudinal and torsion (shearing) modes. The system is not perturbed by the internal fluids (gas or liquid).

 Solid ring



  Principle of pipe inspection by
    guided ultrasonic Lambwaves

With a transducer ring fixed on a clear section (50 cm minimum) of the pipe, 100% of the pipe are examined  (from 5 to 40 meters on both side of the measurement point depending on corrosion state and coating and /or lagging presence)

 Advantages of Guided Ultrasonic Lambwave:

Rapid method, adapted to the difficult access areas and to high

No sensistive to liquid contents (gas and liquid)
Full coverage screening of pipes
No access means necessary and without surface preparation
Sensibility from 5 to 10 % of thickness loss of section

of Pipe inspection by Guided Ultrasonic Lambwave:  :

 Long Pipe, difficult to access areas, lagged or buried, sleeved road crossings,...

 Diameters from 2 to 24 ″ (51 mm to 609 mm)
[standard], up to 48 ″(1220 mm) possible on request.

 Contact temperature up to 110 °C for diameters from 2 to 4 “ and  70°C from 6 ″ (152 mm)


The active corrosion diagnosis by Acoustic Emission (CORPAC technology)
is an excellent expertise tool complementary to damage detection and location by the Guided Ultrasonic Lambwave method.



Using of  automated  ultrasonics allows a complementary  expertise in term of thickness profile and  mapping, in case of thickness loss on a pipe section during the inspection by  Guided Ultrasonic Lambwave.



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