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Euro Physical Acoustics SA

Euro Physical Acoustics

Euro Physical Acoustics SA

Acoustic Emission (AE) started with Dunegan Corp., which is now a member of the Physical Acoustics Group. We are proud of being acknowledged as the world leaders in Acoustic Emission Technology for the last 30 years.


Through a tradition of R&D innovation, industrial field testing expertise and a thorough understanding of the highest technologies, Physical Acoustics has become a solution oriented company with a worldwide testing and inspection operation. The instrumentation we supply and the field services we perform, answer all of your NDT and Predictive Maintenance needs and meet all of the highest quality requirements.


In December 1994, The European Management (Greece, France, United Kingdom) through MISTRAS HOLDINGS led a MBO* and today owns, more than 90% of the Group.
* Management buy-out

We serve our international customers from bases located near Paris (EPA), Cambridge (PAL), Wolfegg (EPA Deutschland), Rotterdam (PA.BV), Moscow (PAR), Athens, Prague, Princeton (PAC), Houston, Philadelphia (QSL PLUS), Sao Paulo (PASA), Tokyo (NPA) Peking, Malaysia, Bombay, and through our numerous offices and international partners (see the map).

Project support and immediate inspection are continuously available using this worldwide networks.

Physical Acoustics is the base of the world's AE experts.

This group of scientists and engineers are involved in many research contracts, working closely with universities and industry to provide the best solutions in such areas as environmental safety, aging infrastructure and plant life extension. Numerous codes and standards have evolved over the past 10-15 years which incorporate Acoustic Emission technology and its applications.

Many of the top companies in such industrial fields as Aircraft and Aerospace, Petroleum and Chemical, as well as the utilities... are our best references.

Nowadays, in Europe, we have been involved in such projects as Airbus and Ariane and have performed thousands of field tests on pressure vessels and storage tanks.

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