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AE, UT, ET, IE, Resistivity, AUT... Innovations

News Ultrasonic instrumentation : 03/10/08

Better performance for the POCKET UT !


The hand-held and stand-alone ultrasonic system POCKET UT, which can be used on traditional NDT testing applications (such as A-scan, B-Scan modes, welds analysis, thickness measurements) and on advanced detection (TOFD, C-Scan), has extended its applications range.

Our Development team has adapted this NDT test tool for new materials, more particularly attenuated materials, by increasing the gain range up to 95dB.

The Ultrasonic emission uses commonly the spike pulse mode. In the new version, two other emission modes (square and Tone Burst) are implemented to improve the Energy level.

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News Ultrasonic instrumentation : 05/09/08



Euro Physicals Acoustics expands its ultrasounics amplifier range with the AMP8-BF. This preamplifier has 8 Input /8 Output with each gain can be modified separately (30dB/45dB) by switch. Each channel has a bandwidth equal to 40 KHz - 20 MHz AT - 3 dB.

The user has at his disposal a compact case, multichannel, usable in the majority ultrasonic applications (industrial, geophysics…). The low frequency of its bandwidth also authorizes its use in Acoustic Emission. The gain level can be adapted on request.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 31/07/08



From now, a whole page on this site is dedicated to our Acoustic Emission sensors. By a click, you can download the entire sensor chart with all AE sensor specifications.

Do not wait any more to find the most adapted sensor to your application, click here.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 22/07/08
NOESIS 5.2: new release are available.

The main NOESIS 5.2 features are the following:
High quality 2D plots
    - The user can define axes format, grid, axes labels,
       units, color palette...
    - A ‘’smart’’ adjustment allows obtaining high quality
      graph even after a resizing (for example)
    - Current plot appearance can be applied to all plots
      for easy and uniform construction of plots.
  Addition of 3D Scatter and distribution plots
  For all 2D and 3D plots: new color mod by feature (in
    addition of classe and channel already available on the
    former NOESIS version)
Enhancement of 2D density plots: independent X and Y
    axis number of bins.
All 2D an d3D plots are available in for all TDD data.
Pocket AE
file format.
A new command allows the user to select multiple DTA
    files, apply data filters and save filtered data. 
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News Ultrasonic Instrumentation  : 26/05/08
Pocket U2: Ultrasonic Thickness Gage.

The Pocket U2 series is arrived!

This system based on Ultrasonic technique is dedicated to thickness measurement. Portable and light, the Pocket U2 has real technical assets: high resolution color waveform (A-Scan) display, adjustable graphic displays, storage capacity up to 50.000 thickness measurements, several alarm modes (sound, luminous, vibrator)… 

This system has also an Auto zoom function which automatically centers echoes in the middle of the screen independently of material thickness. With the Echo to echo feature, paint or coating thickness are not taken into account.

Packaged in a custom molded high density plastic case with rubber key pad and operating on 2 AA batteries, Pocket U2 is ideal for a use on site. 

A large transducer range is can be used with Pocket U2, according to the user applications: corrosion measurement, precision measurement, high temperature measurement,…

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 21/05/08
Extension of PCI-2 capacities

The PCI-2 system capacity, especially conceived for the laboratory and research applications, has been extended from 8 to 34 channels.  The exceptional dynamics of 18 bits and the very large bandwidth (3 kHz - 3 MHz) are now available for tests on great structures.
A rack was especially developed to contain the
17 acquisition boards.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 09/04/08

 Pocket EA Application: from acoustic emission to long-duration seismic measurement.


The Pocket EA system (1 or 2 acquisition channel) is a complete portable system based on acoustic emission technique. Functioning on internal battery, it also can be connected to an power supply (battery, solar panel…) to ensure a long duration monitoring on external site (factory, geophysical site, structure Civil Engineering…) Operator has an autonomous measure module at his disposal with a bandwidth of 1 KHZ to 1 MHz which allows the user to work on seismic measurement and acoustic emission fields.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 27/03/08
AEWin Software Development

A new version of AEwin software for SAMOS arrived! It allows the anisotropic behaviour of composite materials to taken into account. It is now possible to set up two wave propagation velocities in different directions. This new option developed for composite material allows sources localizations to be significantly improved. This new version of the software also allows a bitmap picture to be in background.

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News Ultrasonic Instrumentation  : 13/03/08
High Temperature Ultrasonic Transducers.

High temperature Transdcuers
Euro Physical Acoustics proposes a large range of High Temperature Ultrasonic transducers with operating temperature up to 250°C. These transducers are equipped with a removable delay line made of specific material which represents a good compromise between sensibility and temperature resistance. Transducers diameters go from 12,7 mm to 28,5 mm with frequencies from 0,5 MHz to 5 MHz.

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News Ultrasonic Instrumentation  : 19/02/08

Main innovation brought to UTWIN software


A-SCan representation with UTWin software

Windows Vista and Windows
XP under limited user account mode are compatible with UTwin.
  New gate synchronization mode: gates follow gates.
  Users can combine any number of images together in one graph and pan, rotate and flip them.
  New function to calculate SNR based on GE specification and aerospace NDI requirements.
  Option to support 16 motion axes control with two SMC4/8 boards.
C-SCan representation with UTWin software

  By combing three waveform compress methods (peak-based compression, threshold-based compression, dynamique compression), C-scan waveform size can be significantly reduced.
  In contour following inspection, news functions to sort and verify training points.
  Added Tiff data saving format to meet all requirements from major aerospace companies.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 18/02/08
Portative systems, Pocket AE & Pocket AE-Power : from ultrasonic to audible sound ...

Système portatif Emission Acoustique pocket AE

Turnkey Acoustic Emission systems, Pocket AE (acquisition system useful for short-term monitoring on site: leak detection, process noise characterization, ...) and Pocket AE Power (use for power transformer health exam) are now equipped with audio monitor which is a great help for results interpretation.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 04/02/08
VS-1 Valve Leak Screening Tool

VS-1 Valve-Squeak

The VS-1 Valve squeak is a
single channel leak detector, suited for the use in petrochemical factory and refinery. Designed as a low cost product to supplement the  5131 system, the VS-1 is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments. Its small handheld device allows carrying out at any time instantaneous evaluations in order to quickly target the faulty valves. This measurement  process  '' on the fly " supplies the user with indication of condition of valve and allows the user,  according to results, to start a relevant flow quantification measurement.

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News Acoustic Emission Instrumentation  : 29/01/08
  Acoustic Emission Multiplexer

The AE Multiplexer is a system used to multiplex four (4) AE inputs on to a single output.Acoutics Emission Multiplexer

Main features are :

   4 to 1 Multiplexer for AE systems
   4 BNC inputs and 1 SMB output
   Supplies 28 volt Phantom Power to all 4 preamplifiers
   Propagates AST signal to selected preamplifier
   Interfaces with PAC-IO48 board to control selection through AEwin or 
selection can be manually controlled

   Multiple boards can be configured as an 8:1 up to 32:1.
   ½ length PCI card

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News : 12/17/03
  1276-VPAC On-Line Valve Leak Monitoring for Oil and Gas

The 1276-VPAC Intrinsically Safe Subsystem provides On-Line Valve Leak Monitoring and Quantification with 4-20ma outputs for Plant DCS.


Instant On-line valve leak detection and quantification, essential for safety !

1276-VPAC On-Line Valve Leak Monitoring for Oil and Gas

  Can save Millions of €'s in losses to flare.
  Intrinsically safe.
  Direct connection to plant DCS via 4-20ma.

The 1276-VPAC configured for valve leak detection provides an on-line alternative to the portable 5131-VPAC for loss control in refineries, gas plant, and offshore.

The 1276-VPAC provides a current loop output capable of driving several meters of cable, and is supplied with an intrinsically safe VPAC sensor and I.S. barrier, ready for direct connection to the plant DCS. When valves do not close properly, or leak for other reasons, the operator knows immedialtely.

News : 08/27/03
  New Acoustic Emission Sensors, Alpha series
  A new Acoustic Emission sensor line :

Resonance frequencies 60, 150, 300 and 500 KHz

Sensor R15A

  SMA industrial connector
  Stainless steel case

A new design for a high level of mechanical and thermal reliability in severe environments.

For a complete documentation, a commercial quotation, please contact us !

  Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Model ARB-1410 is a programmable waveform generator, on a PC card :


PCI bus

Card ARB-1410

  14 bit Digital-Analog converter, 100 MHz
  Signal output up to 150 Volts

Waveform : sine, square, amplitude and frequency modulated, Acoustic Emission type (burst), arbitrary

  Windows based software

The card to complete an Acoustic Emission, Ultrasonic or Acousto-Ultrasonic system.

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