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Acoustic Emission training


Euro Physical Acoustics proposes you, in the space dedicated to seminars and training, basic and deepening training of the Acoustic Emission technology.

One of our formula constitute the first module to the preparation for COFREND level 2 certification.

Specific trainings intra-company can also be organized.


Inter-company : various modules in choice are detailed on this page.

  Intra-company : in your or our premises.

You decide your self, in association with our engineers, the specific objectives to your company, such as :


The characterization of the materials damagement mechanism

  Study of materials and structures mechanical behaviour
  The optimization of your maintenance program, by minimizing the interruption of production and by reducing the immobilization time of your structures.
  Austere diagnosis of evolutive defects
  The respect of environment and persons, the safety of the industrial installations and of the dangerous materials transport.

Ours trainings are aimed at Managers, Engineers Research Technicians, Design Offices, Quality Control Department, Inspection and Maintenance, Researchers... But more generally too, at all persons who want to acquire a general Acoustic Emission training to learn more on the technology and it capacities and to develop their knowledges and their know-how.

Experienced and ground formative guarantee a teaching of quality. Our trainings are in hands of the EPA executives and their high level collaborators, who participate actively to the french europeans and internationals professional organizations works, as the followings :


COFREND - Confédération Française des Essais Non Destructifs - (French NDT Confederation)


EPERC - Conseil Européen de la Recherche en Equipement sous pression (European Pressure Equipment and Research Council)


AFIAP - Association Française des Ingénieurs en Appareil à pression (French association of pressure equipment Engineers)


AMAC - Association pour les Matériaux Composites (French Association for Composite Materials)


AFNOR - Association Française de Normalisation (French Association of Normalisation)


CEN - Comité Européen de Normalisation (European Committee of Normalisation)


Trainings get organized around theorical classes illustrated with slide and practical workshop. Complete files are supplied for every registered.


Many of the top companies in the domain of Petroleum, Chemical, Aircraft, Energy, Industrial and Academic Laboratories have already relied on us.


For whom ?


This session aims at Managers, Research Engineers and Technician, Design Offices, Quality Control Department, Inspection and Maintenance Department, Researchers... who want to acquire a general Acoustic Emission training (theorical bases, potential, applications...). This training has been designed for the familiars of the technology too, who wish to update and increase their knowledges domain in Acoustic Emission.
To note : this session includes many formulas.


Its aims
    To know the principle, the theorical bases of Acoustic Emission and it instrumentation.
    Use the signal treatment methods (filtering, localisation, damagement mechanism characterization...)
    To discover the industrial and laboratories applications of the technology (pressure equipment control, corrosion detection, leak detection, composite structure exam...)

For whom ?

This session is conceived for the Managers, the Design Offices, the Quality Control Department, the Inspection and Maintenance Department, the Researchers, the present and future users of Acoustic Emission systems, as the DISP, MISTRAS, SPARTAN and LOCAN.


Its aims
    Be able to check and parameter an Acoustic Emission Line
    Be able to localise an AE source
    Be able to optimize the AE signal detection (filtering)
    Help to the data interpretation

For whom ?

This session is especially intended for Research Engineers and Technicians, people working in design departments, users of digital Acoustic Emission systems, who want to improve their knowledge and skills in Acoustic Emission technique. Advanced AE signals analysis using pattern recognisition algorithm combined with statistic analysis and neural network capabilities, allows the user to grasp complex systems. This environment can be used as a microscope to characterize and isolate signal populations by describing them as numerical algorithms.
These analysis allow extending AE technique capabilities and providing the user with the means to analyse signals and match them to studied physical mechanisms by himself.


Its aims
    Separation and identification of several AE signal populations
    Real time pattern recognisition
 2008/2009  Dates - Program  of the Acoustic Emission Trainings
The Acoustic Emission Technology (Formula A)
     > October 13 - 14* - 15* - 16* et 17, 2008 (Ref. STEA29 formula A)
      > March 16 - 17* - 18* - 19* and 20, 2009 (Ref. STEA30 formula A)
     > June 08 - 09* - 10* - 11* and 12, 2009
(Ref. STEA31 formula A)
     > October 05 - 06* - 07* - 08* and 09, 2009 (Ref. STEA32 formula A)

Introduction to the Acoustic Emission (Formula B)

     > October 13 et 14*, 2008 (Ref. STEA29 formula B)
   > March 16 and 17*, 2009 (Ref. STEA30 formula B)
> June 08 and 09*, 2009 (Ref. STEA31 formula B)
     > October 05 and 06*, 2009 (Ref. STEA32 formula B)

Integrity evaluation of the pressure equipment and storage tanks by Acoustic Emission
(Formula D)
     > October 15*, 2008 (Ref. STEA29 formula D)
     > March 18*, 2009 (Ref. STEA30 formula D)
> June, 10*, 2009 (Ref. STEA31 formula D)
     > October 07*, 2009 (Ref. STEA32 formula D)

Introduction to the Acoustic Emission and Integrity of the pressure equipment and storage tanks
(Formula C)
     > October 13 - 14* et 15*, 2008 (Ref. STEA29 formula C)
     > March 16 - 17* and 18*, 2009 (Ref. STEA30 formula C)
> June 08 - 09* and 10*, 2009 (Ref. STEA31 formula C)
     > October 05 - 06* and 07*, 2009 (Ref. STEA32 formula C)

Advanced utilisation of the Acoustic Emission systems
    > November 18* et 19*, 2008 (Ref. UTIL31)
    > January 20* and 21*, 2009 (Ref. UTIL32)
    > November 24* and 25*, 2009 (Ref. UTIL33)

Treatment of Acoustic Emission signals by pattern recognisition
    > November 25* and 26*, 2008 (Ref. REFEA05)
> March 31st* and April 1st*, 2009 (Ref. REFEA06)
> June 23* and 24*, 2009 (Ref. REFEA07)
    > December 08* and 09*, 2009 (Ref. REFEA08)
* lunch included
Profit by privileged rates :
- 20% on the 2nd registered (to a same session)
- 30% on the 3rd registered (to a same session)
- 50 % for thesis student



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